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One direction bsm:storms

Harry: you were curled up in your bed frightened to even poke your head out of your blanket. You wanted to run to your brother Harry’s room but you were to scared to run down the hallway. A sudden BOOM! Of thunder made you scream into your pillow.”(y/n), kitten are you okay?” Asked harry calling you the childhood nickname that he had thought for you when you were still a toddler. “y-y-yeah” you lied trying to convince your brother that you weren’t being childish and scared of a simple thunderstorm.”don’t lie kitten I know how much you hate storms” he says making his way to lay down with you. You feel him wrap his arms around you as you curl up on his side. “Go to sleep kitten, I’m here to protect you”, you heard him say as you were drifting off to sleep.

Ok so this is the first bsm I have ever written so I’m sorry if it’s extremely bad. I still don’t know if I should write the rest of the boys or not so please tell me if I should continue or not, thank for reading my crappy writing :)







guys ive been ugly crying at this for like an hour help me

This makes me cry I’m so glad I stopped for them.


Calum Hood… Aka the most amazing and inspirational person

this is so amazing

to be honest, i was about to relapse again today. i had a bad day and i was just about to accept the fact that I’d never get better and that this would go on forever.
but before calum could finish the first sentence, i was a mess. listening to his soft voice speaking these words that have needed to be spoken to me, but no one ever has. nobody knows but it feels like he does, and that he wants me to get better.
i broke down in tears, thinking about what calum said. what if it were someone i loved that i were cutting instead of myself? my best friend. what if i was doing that to her? like he said, it really put things into perspective, and now i know that that’s what she would feel like if she knew i did this.
his advice is perfect. i know i need help but im too scared to ask for it. when my mom found out that i self harmed, it made me want to do it more because i was dumb enough to let her find out. it took me an hour before i could finally calm down to tell her what was covering my entire stomach.
the last part, however, got to me the most. when calum talked about me not being alone, and that he and the other boys love me, i felt like he was talking to me. and it erased any doubts in my mind that i was in the wrong place, because i know that they really care about us and that if i could sit with them, with just me and them, they would listen. and they would care. and that’s how i’m sure.
i’m really really happy that i chose them, because without hearing this, i don’t know when this would have ended. but i will try to make more of an effort now, because i know that i should, for them.
so, if calum hood or any of the other boys were to see this, i would just like to say thank you. thank you for saving me from myself tonight, and for many more nights to come.

The words I have always been wanting to hear…….

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